Thank you for visiting! Powerlifting Network is an innovative desktop and mobile app suite for powerlifting competitions created by powerlifters for powerlifters. We are a small development team working on modernising the technology behind the increasingly popular sport and we would love to hear from you! If you’re a federation, organiser, gym or even a lifter then we want to hear about what features you would love to see. So send us a message below so we can make this software work for you!

What makes us different?

Easy Competition Setup

Our competition wizard helps you set up and run competitions for official or in house competitions in just a few clicks.

Keep a record!

When a lift is a record attempt our software gives loaders the loading diagrams with fractional plates automatically as well as notifying the spectators that the lifter is attempting a record.
You can also subscribe to be notified when records are broken via the mobile companion app.

Mobile Entry

Sign up for competitions directly in the companion app and get notifications each time a club, federation or gym in your area is hosting a competition.

Real connectivity

Notify lifters in your federation or gym about upcoming competitions and send push notifications to the companion app when entry is open.

Spectator panel

Our brand new spectator panel gives your audience the information they want to see in a large and easy to read format giving you control over the competition data and keeping them informed and engaged throughout the competition. It also calculates realistic loading diagrams for the spotters and loaders so they never mis-load the bar.

Result calculation

Real-Time leaderboards and results calculation based on the mode of your choice be it by total, or by Wilks score

Get in touch

Got any ideas or features you would love to see or just want to know more? Send us a message! 

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